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Boca Raton, FL 33433 

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Ultrasonic Inspection: 

  • Flaw Detectors
  • Transducers (Contact, Angle Beam, and Immersion)
  • Couplants
  • Immersion Systems
  • Digital Thickness Gauges
  • Cables and Adaptors
  • Calibration and Reference Books
  • Data Calculators

Magnetic Parker Inspection: 

  • Equipment (Portable and Stationary)
  • Powders (Dry and Flourescent)
  • Centrifuge Tubes and Stands
  • Contact Clamps Prods, and Cables
  • Blacklight Lamps and Replacement Bulbs

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Equipment for Sale

These items are currently available for sale at BB Sales in Boca Raton, FL. All items can be rented, and we also offer all consumables.

PMI – Olympus

Alpha, very good condition with Alloy software, $8000
Delta Classic, good condition, Alloy ,mining , ROHS WEEE, and consumer products, $11,500
Delta Classic, very good condition, Alloy, precious metals, $12,500
Delta Classic, good condition, Alloy, soil, lead paint, $12,500
(2)Delta Standard, very good condition, Alloy, Alloy plus, precious metals, $13,000 ea
(1) Delta Premium, good condition, Alloy, Alloy plus, precious metals,  $15,500

Equipment and Instruction Materials||||


(3) Olympus LTC, very good condition with DAC, $4000 ea
(1) USn 52L, good condition, $3000


(4) Olympus MG2 XT DLS, as new, complete, $2200 ea

Phased Array

(1) Olympus MX 2 16 128, complete, very good condition,  $34,000
(1) Olympus MX 16 / 128 complete like new $23,000

Various Ports for Electronics||||

Eddy Current

(1) Hocking 2 D, complete, good condition, $3900
(1) Nortec 2000D, $4300
(1) Nortec 1000s, $3200


(1) IPlex 10 ft, good condition, $7500
(1) Snakeye III, very good condition, $3200 

Ask About Our Products

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