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Welcome to BB Sales

BB Sales is proud to provide rental and leasing options for the latest products of NDT Equipment and Supplies in Boca Raton, FL. Guaranteeing excellent customer service and satisfaction, and resourcing are some of the highest priorities of BB Sales.

Corporate Information

BB Sales of Boca Raton, FL is a dedicated company holding customer service, satisfaction, and resourcing as our highest priorities. BB Sales has been in business since 1992. Mr. Robert Busteed has started this company and led it into the 12th year successfully serving an industry that is constantly changing.


(3) Olympus LTC, very good condition with DAC, $4000 ea
(1) USn 52L, good condition, $3000


(4) Olympus MG2 XT DLS, as new, complete, $2200 ea

Phased Array

(1) Olympus MX 2 16 128, complete, very good condition,  $34,000
(1) Olympus MX 16 / 128 complete like new $23,000

Eddy Current

(1) Hocking 2 D, complete, good condition, $3900
(1) Nortec 2000D, $4300
(1) Nortec 1000s, $3200


(1) IPlex 10 ft, good condition, $7500
(1) Snakeye III, very good condition, $3200

All We Offer

BB Sales of Boca Raton, FL is proud to offer the following products for your NDT Equipment and Supply requirements.

Ultrasonic Inspection:

  • Flaw Detectors
  • Transducers (Contact, Angle Beam, and Immersion)
  • Couplants
  • Immersion Systems
  • Digital Thickness Gauges
  • Cables and Adaptors
  • Calibration and Reference Books
  • Data Calculators

Magnetic Parker Inspection:

  • Equipment (Portable and Stationary)
  • Powders (Dry and Flourescent)
  • Centrifuge Tubes and Stands
  • Contact Clamps Prods, and Cables
  • Blacklight Lamps and Replacement Bulbs
  • Liter Meters (Ultraviolent and Visible)
  • Inspection Dyes
  • Steel Ring Test Blocks (Ketos Ring)
  • Digital Gauss Meters
  • Hand Yokes
  • Magnetic Suspension Fluid
  • Field Indictors and Magnetic Pentrameters
  • Replacement Coppers Pads and Lead Plates
  • Filters and Hoses
  • Copper Central Conductors
  • Gloves and Aprons
  • Hand Suspension Sprayers
  • QQIs

Liquid Penetrant Inspection:

  • Equipment and Systems
  • Removers and Emulsifiers
  • Penetrant Kits (Visible and Flourescent)
  • Light Meters (Ultraviolent and Visible)
  • Gloves and Aprons
  • Hand and Pressurized Sprayers
  • Inspection Dyes
  • Transparent Comparators
  • Penetrants
  • Developers (Wet, Dry, and Nonaquesous)
  • Blacklight Lamps and Replacement Lamps
  • Test Blocks
  • Spraywash and Guns
  • Baskets
  • Water Pressure and Temperature Gauges
  • Test Blocks and Tam Panels


  • X-Ray Equipment (Portable and Stationary)
  • Automatic Film Processors
  • Silver Recovery Units
  • X-Ray Film and Processing Chemicals
  • Film Duplicators
  • Lead Intensifying Screens
  • Film Hangers
  • Densitometers
  • Darkroom Safelights and Timers
  • Survey Meters
  • Tapes, Photographic, and Masking
  • Interlock Switches
  • Revolving Darkroom Doors
  • Mobile Darkrooms
  • Warning Signs, Rope, and Tape
  • Exposure Cabinets and Room Enclosures
  • Manual Processing Tanks
  • X-Ray Film Dryers
  • Film Viewers and Pocket Comparators
  • Lead Numbers and Letters
  • Exposure Cassettes (Cardboard and Vinyl)
  • Film Filing Cabinets and Filing Envelopes
  • Immersion Heaters and Thermometers
  • Dosimeter and Dosimeter Charges
  • Penetrameters, Mounting Blocks, and Step Wedges
  • Laser Aiming Devices
  • Tube Positioners
  • Film Interpretation Training Kits
  • Number Belts

Coating Thickness Inspection:

  • Digital Type
  • Remote Probe Type
  • Magnetic Lift-Off Type
  • Electronic Pointer Type
  • NIST Calibration Test Standards
  • FE and NFE Plastic Shims (Commercial and NIST)

Eddy Current Inspection:

  • Probes
  • Cables
  • Teflon Tapes
  • Test Blocks and Reference Standards
  • Analog Instruments


  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging Training
  • Test Generator Software
  • Certification Tracking Software
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  • Hardness Testers
  • Surface Roughness Meters
  • Magnetic Flux Leakage Scanners
  • MFL Pipe Scanners
  • IRIS Systems
  • Flawed Specimens
  • Specialized Reference Blocks
  • ASME XI AppVIII Specimens (Pipe and Vessel)

Ask About Leasing Equipment and Supplies

We also provide flexible External link opens in new tab or windowleasing and rental arrangements on a wide range of NDT Equipment and Supplies. Let us provide your need for your particular project.